A new approach to bully-prevention.

Bully Proof

College Colleagues is now offering “Bully Proof” workshops at local schools, clubs, and organizations. Bully Proof is an educational, motivating and inspiring workshop for learners in grades K through 12. We customize the program to meet the unique needs of your students and to align with your school policies and mission statement.

Our goal is to create “upstanders” who make the right choices inside and outside of the classroom. Through inspiring stories, collaborative activities, and role play, students are not only equipped with the knowledge of what bullying is, but how to prevent it in the first place.

Our workshops are engaging, collaborative, and effective. The techniques and teaching approaches are grounded in Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS). Furthermore, 100% of our workshop participants recommend this workshop to other students!

You will receive a complimentary, custom built, “Bully Box” for your school on the day of the workshop.

Additional workshops are also available to follow up on bullying, introduce strategies for test prep and studying, and even for “soft skills.” We can arrange a variety of special package deals to meet your budget and your students’ needs.


For more information on our workshops, or to schedule a FREE consultation, please contact Christine Vodicka at (216) 978-6524 or via email at contact@collegecolleagues.net.

Thank you for your consideration.