Nina and Christine met in the Fall of 2010 at Cleveland State University (CSU).  Nina is an alumna of Cleveland State University (CSU) where she studied English and Music.  She holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in English literature.  Christine was Nina’s first boss at CSU, and she gave Nina her first experiences with teaching and curriculum development.  Nina describes Christine as the best boss she has ever had.  The two later developed a formidable relationship that involved co-writing English lesson manuals for other English tutors and collaborating on secular and business ideas that later materialized for both Christine and Nina. Nina is also a pianist and composer of classical music.  Nina is an active pianist, teaching and performing in the North East Ohio area. She began with piano at age 4 and has studied music theory, piano, and pedagogy with world renowned pianists.   When not teaching or performing, Nina enjoys operating her own customized greeting card business and marketing firm where she assists individuals and organizations with their fundraising and PR campaigns.