Sarah Derstine

Success Coach, Bully Proof


Originally, Sarah studied broadcasting and graduated with honors from the Ohio Broadcasting School. Once Sarah became a nanny for a local family, she found her calling – to care for others. Sarah is an experienced caregiver who enjoys helping children as a nanny as well as providing support to those with memory loss. Sarah specializes in helping others develop critical thinking skills by asking the right questions and by being a good listener.


Sarah plays an integral role in Bully Proof, College Colleagues’ bully prevention program held at the College Colleagues center or in schools. Sarah shares her own personal story and helps the students learn to replace negative thoughts with positive affirmations. One of Sarah’s life mission’s is to spread peace and help make a difference in the lives of others. Sarah is a very creative individual and she enjoys writing, art, reading, Zumba, and teaching. She has a two-nosed cat and a husband that she takes very good care of.