Founder & Writing Success Coach 

Joline holds a B.A. in English Writing with a minor in Theatre History from Ashland University, a B.A. in Psychology, emphasis on Motivation and Learning, from Cleveland State University, and a Master’s degree in Writing from Cleveland State University. She is the author of a composition textbook, and was co-designer of the Student Athlete Academic Support Program at Ashland University. She has experience as a tutor, both domestically and internationally, and as an SI/SLA Leader.

Joline has taught at several universities, including Kent State University, The University of Akron, and Cleveland State University, specifically working with students from under-prepared backgrounds, including non-traditional students and student athletes.

Joline is passionate about assisting students who would otherwise find the college environment overwhelming to flourish in an academic setting, serving both as professor and mentor in many cases. She combines her strong background in the arts with her training in psychology to develop instructional methods tailored to individuals’ and groups’ specific learning styles. Her current research is focused on Organic Learning, which operates on the basis of the brain’s natural learning patterns.